Solarpunk Podcast – a fictional podcast from a better future

Solarpunk is a fictional podcast from the year 2047. It is the future history of my children. In America, in Europe and on Mars.

Think of Solarpunk as kind of an Immigrant Tale: It’s about the joy of starting fresh. It’s the story of how we heal the world. Make it a better place. For you and for me and the entire human race.

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Hello you,

My name is Chris Pyak. I write and present the solarpunk podcast for one reason: To make you smile.

Above you can listen to Episode Zero: Origin of Hope. This episode takes you into the year 2047. You get to meet my daughter Elisabeth, who is an aspiring artist with a hot temper. Lisi just arrived on Mars – but things turn out very different from what she expected.

This pre-series episode is the result of a course that I took on NYU. Many thanks to Eric Molinsky, who teached Creating A Narrative Podcast, for his good advice (and much needed patience).

Season One of the solarpunk podcast will start on New Years Eve 2021. My goal is to bring you at least twelve episodes. Season one plays mostly on Mars – but I already have a million ideas for future solarpunk stories in Europe and the Americas.

One thing that is special about the solarpunk podcast: I often use quotes from real people in a fictional setting. The reason that I do this is quite simple: I think it’s fun and it makes the podcast more entertaining. Also: You soon realise that we already have the tech and knowledge that we need to create a solarpunk future. If you are curious about the source of a quote or idea: Check out the shownotes for that specific episode. That’s where I add fun facts. (Also: Can you find all hidden references that I sneak into my stories? There is one right in the first paragraph of this page.)

I would love to hear your feedback on Episode Zero. What did you love? What did you hate? What adventures would you like me to write about? Leave your name & email below. I promise I answer to every email.

Solarpunk author & host Chris Pyak

What is Solarpunk?

If you never heard of solarpunk: This is a science fiction genre that imagines a better future.
Would you like to live in a world, where:

  • We produce all our energy from renewable sources?
  • We buy “stuff” that fits us like a glove, instead of simply consuming “more, more, more”?
  • We like you for who you are and value diversity?
  • And: A world where we cooperate to build an even better future?

The solarpunk podcast lets you experience all this – and more.

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