Cast & Producers

Evgenia Pyak

“Elisabeth” is played by my wonderful wife: Evgenia Pyak. Evgenia is an aspiring artist. You can find her on Instagram.

Chris Pyak

I write and present the Solarpunk podcast. My main motivation is to bring you joy. Radio and writing are two of my greatest passions. I used to be a radio news anchor and reporter a long time ago. Nowadays I help international professionals to build a new career in a foreign country. In the future I hope to do more of this: Things that are useless, but joyful.

Aleksandr Zilkov

Aleksandr is the genius behind the music in Episode Zero: Origin of Hope. He scored the music as a favor to me and I am eternal grateful. Aleksandr is a professional music producer who has worked with many well known Russian musicians. You find his channel Нескучный Саунд on youtube.