Solarpunk Novela 012

For Arvo, the purpose of a life well lived, was to give people more real-world choices, so that they could become the person they really wanted to be. Democratic transport (same speed and comfort, regardless of if you are living in a metropole or in a village) was one important part of giving people the fishing rod.

“Wow! That was quite a journey, there.” Arvo took a piece of sandpaper and started to smoothen the wood.

“So, what does this mean for my retirement?” he asked himself – “What shall I do with my time?” He had enough money to live a comfortable life. Everyone in the new European Republic was entitled to a government funded minimum pension plus additional money that was directly related to the amount of taxes you paid during your life. There was an upper limit for how much pension you could get, but most people never paid enough taxes to reach that level anyway. Should he just continue his calm, comfortable life? Pick up a good cause and fight to leave his grandchildren a better world – one where they would have more options – more freedom, in other words?

Arvo looked at what his hands had produced: A small brown horse, with a head that resembled something between a dog and the Easter bunny and a hind leg that was considerably longer than the other ones. It was beautiful. 

Tomorrow he would fly to Stockholm and present the horse to his little granddaughter. And on the way back he would steal an electric jet.

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Did you like the story so far? Arvo’s story will continue. I am writing more. If you want to find out why Arvo wants to steal an electric plane, how the grannies of Kihnu are involved and what all of this has to do with my daughter’s decision to became the first famous artist on Mars:

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