Solarpunk Novela 012

For Arvo, the purpose of a life well lived, was to give people more real-world choices, so that they could become the person they really wanted to be. Democratic transport (same speed and comfort, regardless of if you are living in a metropole or in a village) was one important part of giving people the … Read more

Novela Solarpunk 011

As the number of produced EVTOL’s rose from “hundreds” to “hundreds of thousands” the learning curve kicked in. That’s a phenomenon of manufacturing that was first observed during World War Two in the aerospace industry. It’s a “law” similar to Moore’s law in digitalization. Every time the production of a product doubles, the cost per … Read more

Solarpunk Novela 010

Both places different, but with the same problem. And both got the same solution. First wireless internet connected them to the knowledge of the world. Then low-latency satellite internet allowed them to control and operate machines thousands of miles away – and finally a cheap vertiport for electric planes connected them physically with “civilization”, as … Read more

Novela Solarpunk 009

The grannies lived a simple, happy life in harmony with nature, in harmony with their traditions and free from the soul-eating hectic of the cities. They also all had an excellent education – usually at a well-known university, a healthy sense of showmanship and business opportunity, and sensible distrust of the police. (Nowadays you know … Read more

Novela Solarpunk 008

Back then Arvo didn’t mind giving up real flights. He would much rather spend more time with his little daughter and the son that followed soon after. Life in Kihnu was heaven for him. It was quiet and calm; his hands were always busy repairing something or crafting wood. And his mind was free to … Read more

Solarpunk Novela 007

It took about 90 seconds, then he was done and could focus completely on his two wonderful girls. Looking at his child, he felt that he was now bound by a magical band. That he would be her slave for as long as he lived. (He learned on that first night: his baby girl knew … Read more

Solarpunk Novela 006

Arvo felt her heart beating. Ones. Twice. Three times. Then she broke the spell. “Sorry,” she smiled, kissed him full on the lips and ran away towards her girlfriends. Arvo swallowed and said nothing. All he could think was: “That’s the second time someone slammed right into me.” He was glad that – back then … Read more

Solarpunk Novela 005

It was Jaanipäev. Ten years after his first job and five years after he had become a commercial pilot. The sun was high in the West – even though it was nearly midnight. To Estonians the shortest night of the year was more important than Christmas. Christmas you spend with your family. Jaanipäev you spend … Read more

Solarpunk Novela 004

The cranes were remote controlled, after all. Satellite-based internet reached such low latencies – you could perform remote surgery this way. So, why would you need the crane operators “on site”?  In the first pandemic of the 21st century nearly all office jobs went remote. In developed countries like Germany, more than half of the … Read more

Solarpunk Novela 003

The whole area was void of human souls. The crane operators worked on the other side of the fence, in a cheap construction-side building.  Arvo had the door handle in his hand and tried to work up the courage to enter. He had just reminded himself to “stand up straight and talk clearly during the … Read more