Solarpunk Novela 004

The cranes were remote controlled, after all. Satellite-based internet reached such low latencies – you could perform remote surgery this way. So, why would you need the crane operators “on site”?  In the first pandemic of the 21st century nearly all office jobs went remote. In developed countries like Germany, more than half of the … Read more

Solarpunk Novela 003

The whole area was void of human souls. The crane operators worked on the other side of the fence, in a cheap construction-side building.  Arvo had the door handle in his hand and tried to work up the courage to enter. He had just reminded himself to “stand up straight and talk clearly during the … Read more

Solarpunk Novela 002

Time to prepare for landing. Arvo slowed down the jet, tilted the 30 electric engines by 90 degrees, stopped cold in mid-air, and brought the jet down vertically, right in the middle of the “H” of the vertiport. 20 seconds from cruise flight to landing, in the middle of a tropic storm, and the passengers … Read more

Solarpunk Novela 001

Kihnu Solarpunk EVTOL

The push came hard and unexpected. Blue veins flushed with blood. They stood out against the dry skin of Arvo’s hand, as he gripped the joystick and forced his will on the machine. In the fight between man and storm, muscle memory won. A man in seat five put down his glass of whiskey. The soft impact with the table created a bigger stir in the liquid, than the major gust of wind that had just hit the electric jet.
“Okay, where am I?” thought Arvo.